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Want to be apart of city angels baseball academy?

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This program is focused on young athletes, ages 9-18, whom possess the love for baseball and are driven to play at their personal, most competitive level. Players in the City Angels, carry out the goal: to support and teach the fundamentals of baseball while encouraging the importance of education and sportsmanship.

Want to play for the city angels?


City Angels Baseball Academy is a non-profit youth baseball organization that is serving the greater New Haven and nearing towns. By participating in the finest leagues and utilizing our excellent experienced coaches with over 20 years in the baseball world, City Angels brings an outstanding level of play and competition to the greater New Haven area and nearing towns. We are a team with many underprivileged kids from the New Haven and Hamden area and keep the kids active in sports to bringing quality organized sports to our children.





·  All players, coaches, umpires & fans must do a daily health self- evaluation and not come to any game or practice if they have a cough, shortness of breath, or any two of the following: fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat or new loss of taste or smell.

·  Upon arriving at the field or practice facility, all players & coaches temperatures will be taken and recorded in an attendance log for all games, practices and team events. If a temperature exceeds 100.4 degrees, the player or coach will be asked to leave and consult with their primary physician for medical treatment and before returning to the team.

·  Once on the field or at a facility, players & coaches are required to maintain social distancing of 6 feet or more apart 100% of the time – or they must wear masks. This includes team huddles and warmups as coaches and players should not be making contact with each other (high 5's, fist pumps, etc...) since this could break the 6 foot social distancing rule.

·  If it rains, players & coaches must either continue to follow these rules or the game will be canceled or suspended, especially if the entire team can’t fit in the dugout or unless the dugout is over 100 feet long.  

·  All players and coaches must have/occupy one sitting location (spot) or the dugout/bench spot must be disinfected before different players or coaches can use the same space.  

·  When players are on defense or at-bat, the mask may be removed.  Coaches on the field in coaching boxes, visiting the umpire or making a trip to the pitcher’s mound are required to wear masks unless 6 feet or more apart from the next nearest person 100% of the time. However, a coach cannot meet with more than 4 players during any trip to the mound.

·  Players should not touch anyone else's equipment.  When a player or coach touches another player's bat, helmet or other equipment, it must be disinfected before it is used again. All game balls must be disinfected after each game or practice.

·  Hand sanitizer will be readily available and used during each game and practice. And, face masks will be provided to players & coaches if they do not have masks of their own.

·  All fans (families) must either stay at least 6 feet apart or use masks.

When in doubt, wear a mask.  When in doubt, safety comes first!



Board Members

Nate Bonilla 
Pastor Javier Díaz 
Pastor Abraham Hernandez
Rosanna Leon 
Ontonal Reyes 
Elmer Rivera
 Laura Velez 
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